Case Study: A Fashion Brand Changed Product Descriptions and Increased Online Conversion by 51%

How to speak to customers to nudge them to shop

In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • What common mistakes companies make when designing communication;
  • Why grouping customers according to age or purchase history will not give you the maximum value and what grouping works better;
  • Why you should not fixate on distinct messages for different groups but find common threads to weave into a single message line; and
  • How a single statement can speak precisely to your target audience’s different motivations and needs.

Problem: Give me less, but more of what I can work with

It’s 2019 and a top-end UK fashion brand finds itself in a bit of a pickle. Online sales are poor. This is consistent across both the UK and US markets. 

Customers arrive on the page, look around and leave; they may put items in a shopping cart, but churn. This is not uncommon. On average, more than two out of three e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned without consumers completing the checkout process.

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