Online Courses on Behavioral Economics in Business

Step-by-step online courses tackling specific business problems with insights from behavioral economics and consumer psychology

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Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing (with certificate)

This certified Masterclass reveals exactly how to use insights from 4 decades of research in consumer psychology and behavioral economics to increase conversions.

4.6 Avg. Rating
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Introduction to Behavioral Economics in Marketing

Rory Sutherland will explain why marketers should embrace psychology and behavioral economics. He will use astonishing case studies and offer eye-opening insights to support his claims.

4.4 Avg. Rating

Behavioral Economics in Business: 11 Case Studies

In this unique course, four top-field experts will walk you through how they used behavioral insights to solve specific business challenges in product design, direct mail campaigns, website optimization, and behavioral change.

4.5 Avg. Rating
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4 Principles of Choice Architecture in Marketing

Choice architecture can influence what option your customers choose, or if they choose any option at all. Sam Tatam will teach you 4 principles you can use to present different alternatives and help nudge customers to buy.

4.4 Avg. Rating
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5 Key Drivers of Customer Behavior

When it comes to changing someone's behavior, you can either add motivation or remove friction. Matej will explain each of the five principles in great detail and illustrate their functions through case studies and fascinating examples.

4.4 Avg. Rating
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Psychology of Price & Product Perception

You’ll learn how a change in the decision-making context can make people pay more for the same product. You’ll also find out why customers might be happier if they wait longer, or that an irrelevant offer that no one chooses can be a game-changer.

4.4 Avg. Rating
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Improve Customer Retention with Behavioral Science

In this special online course full of readings, you will assess real-life case studies and learn tricks of the trade from world-class experts.

4 Avg. Rating
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6 Key Behavioral Principles to Begin With

Don’t know where to start when applying Behavioral Economics? Here are 6 principles to kick-start any project.

4.2 Avg. Rating
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Increase Online Sales with Consumer Psychology

Get inspired and learn to increase online sales and meet your business KPIs. How? By using the latest findings from the science of customer behavior and psychology.

4.2 Avg. Rating
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