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Motivating healthier product choices in a supermarket with mandatory nutrition labeling

The current study examined the impact of moving from voluntary to mandatory nutrition labeling of food products in supermarkets on consumer choices.
Prior to the NLEA (The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act), labeling was ...

Raising awareness of sustainability through providing additional nutritional features

On behalf of the European Commission, a study was developed to test the impact of exposing consumers to sustainability-related information on their food choices.
The intervention took place at the Milan 2015 Universal Exposition, ...

Targeting food waste by motivating customers to buy imperfect food

A study, developed on behalf of the European Commission, tested the possible factors that may affect consumers´ willingness to buy imperfect food (not perfect looking but still great in taste and quality).
Participants were ...

Motivating sustainable consumption of electronics by changing the default option in stores

To motivate more sustainable consumption of electronics, the authors carried out an experiment that focused on the consumption of mobile phones among young people.
In the first phase, youngsters were surveyed in a ...

Reducing littering behavior by using social norms, monitoring, and commitment devices

In order to reduce littering around waste containers in the Netherlands, six behavioral interventions were tested: self-correction by self-reflection, injunctive social norm, descriptive social norm, monitoring and penalties, commitment and consistency, and setting the ...

Increasing compliance by timing and changes in message design

The Australian Government Department of the Environment designed a randomized controlled trial aimed at increasing the reporting compliance of license entities.
They incorporated behavioral insights techniques into reminder messages sent to license entities. ...

Sending priming messages to increase business´ compliance with environmental regulations

The Australian Government Department of the Environment tested the impact of priming messages to investigate businesses´ motivations in becoming certified as carbon neutral.
Participants were assigned to receive either 1) the intrinsic motivation message ...

The effect of setting small amounts as the default on the amounts of donations

In eight studies, researchers tested how setting a donation option as the default affects donation rates.
They found evidence on:
1)     A “lower-bar” effect where defaulting only a small amount increased donation rate. This is ...

Coupon message framing and expiration date restrictions affected the efficacy of sales promotions

The authors examined how the framing of sales promotions may affect the shopping behavior of customers. They found the following: 1) Respondents added more items overall to their baskets when they were exposed to ...

The form of tipping positively affected workers´ motivation to perform better

The authors focused on buyer monitoring to examine the effectiveness of tipping on motivating employees and therefore customers´ perception of the service they provide.
Across three studies, the results were the following: 1) ...

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