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Video case studies and presentations from top experts on behavioral economics and consumer psychology

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  • with Lea Karam

How to Combine AI with Behavioral Science to Create Value for Your Business

Lea Karam explains the need to leverage AI to augment existing data to get as close as we can to human behavior. Watch this video to learn about the AI and behavioral toolkit for your business and get a 360 degrees view of your consumers.

  • with Rachel Altmann

How to Instill Trust in FinTech Services

Rachel Altmann describes the factors affecting inhibiting trust in fintech services and 3 effective strategies to counter them.

  • with Rachel Altmann

How to Reach a Broader Market Base

Rachel Altmann explains the concept of the action-intention gap and how to facilitate action for users. She suggests the use of social norms and the benefits appeal approach through case studies.

  • with Rachel Altmann

How to Upsell Premium Products

Rachel Altmann walks you through the challenges of upselling to the premium package and the reasoning behind why customers don't opt out of their current packages. Later, she suggests upselling strategies.

  • with Matej Sucha

Dissecting Netflix’s Successful Registration Process from a Behavioral Science Lens

Netflix does not mention any user-benefit during the entire registration process. Counter-intuitively, they only focus on why a user might want to cancel their subscription. Matej Sucha reveals the importance of removing customer uncertainties through this example.

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