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Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing

This certified Masterclass reveals exactly how to use insights from 4 decades of research in consumer psychology and behavioral economics to increase conversions.

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Uncertainty: The Most Powerful Yet Overlooked Principle in Marketing

This e-book is packed with business examples from companies like Uber, ZARA, Netflix… These businesses make sure all their customers’ questions are answered. Their objective? To nip uncertainty in the bud before it even gets the chance to dabble in their decisions.

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Perceived Effort: How Easy Things Feel Matters More Than How Easy They Really Are

In this e-book, we get nitty-gritty about the psychology behind “perceived effort.” You’ll grow to understand this phenomenon and learn how to eliminate it by comparing handy examples of things that are perceived as “easy” and “hard.”

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Salience: The Psychology Behind What Makes Your Offer Stand Out

The word salient describes anything that stands out or is eye-catching. Throughout this e-book, we’ll show you how to increase saliency by applying three strategies: the power of personalization, idiosyncratic fit, and salient feedback.

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