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InsideBE is the go-to behavioral economics hub for marketers, sales people, executives, and business owners. It’s an ever-expanding source of behavioral case studies, courses, and how-to guides from marketing, sales, and more.

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Business Case Studies & Articles

In-depth articles and case studies from top behavioral minds, addressing step-by-step problem solving. Gain an understanding of the challenges they faced, how they designed and tested the solutions, and the results.

Actionable How-to Guides and Reports

Reports and guides full of actionable insights and detailed approaches on how to use BE to tackle some of the most pressing business problems in marketing, sales, HR, and more.

Certified Online Courses

Professionally recorded online courses, including exercises and certificates of completion by the foremost experts on consumer psychology and behavioral economics.

Searchable Database of Relevant BE Applications

The world’s largest searchable database of 1000+ case studies and interventions from business, public, and non-profit sectors.

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Meet our expert partners

Rory Sutherland
TED Global Speaker, Author, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK
Sam Tatam
Global Consulting Partner, Head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy Growth & Innovation
Jez Groom
Author, Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO Cowry Consulting
Kristina Radova
Senior Behavioral Architect at MINDWORX Consulting
Nir Eyal
Author, Consultant, Public Speaker, and Behavioral Design Consultant
Andrea Olson
TEDx Speaker, Customer-Centricity Expert, Behavioral Scientist, Author, CEO at Pragmatik
Lea Karam
Strategy Consultant, at behave
An Independent People Transformation Consultancy