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Perceived Effort: How Easy Things Feel Matters More Than How Easy They Really Are

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In this e-book, we get nitty-gritty about the psychology behind “perceived effort.” You'll grow to understand this phenomenon and learn how to eliminate it.

What you will learn

Imagine you’re on Instagram and come across a news article told through a series of pictures with snappy descriptions. Now compare this to an e-article where you’ll find the exact same news story written out in a long body of text that you have to scroll down. In what format are you more likely to read the article, especially if you’re on your cell phone?

If you picked the first option, then you’re not alone. Because the information was split up into smaller chunks, you automatically assumed it would take less time to read the news and that it was easier to commit to than a long page you have to scroll down. The way you present your information and build your sales funnel can make or break your business! 

We will demonstrate how brands such as Duolingo are leveraging it to their advantage. This book also provides case-by-case examples of the mistakes your brand could be making and how to rectify them. You will also understand how structure and vocabulary can make messages easier to read

Remember, the easiest way to make someone do something is to make them feel it’s easy to do! Rest assured you’ll find all the practical tips you need to help streamline the process for your customers right here.

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