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Salience: The Psychology Behind What Makes Your Offer Stand Out

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The word salient describes anything that stands out or is eye-catching. Learn to increase saliency by applying the 3 most well-known strategies.

What you will learn

Remember that time in middle school when you were daydreaming in class? And then your math teacher, Mrs. Boozer, suddenly called on you to answer a question?! She definitely got 100% of your attention then, didn’t she?

Our name grabs our attention and we love the sound of it! How can you use this phenomenon for business? You’ll discover how Coca-Cola sold 250 million bottles by adding one simple and salient feature. Perhaps you bought it too!

You’ll also learn how brands such as McDonald’s and Uber employ saliency to influence our decision-making and meet sales targets. Additionally, you’ll be able to master all the techniques for leveraging salience so that your best products stand out from the rest (and earn higher sales margins, of course!) 

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