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Choice Overload: How to Use Choice Architecture to Simplify Choosing

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Choice overload is the result of having too many options. Simplify the decision-making journey for customers so that they won’t lose motivation in the process.

What you will learn

Imagine deciding what to buy for your birthday. You go online and find 569 results on your favorite brand’s website. Once you start scrolling through, you keep adding clothes to your cart. At the end of the hour, you see 12 options in your cart and can’t seem to prioritize one over the other. Then you spend more time carefully examining each of them and realize that actually none of them look that great. In the end, you abandon your shopping cart and watch Netflix instead. This phenomenon is known as choice overload

When there are too many options to choose from, we get overwhelmed

Through a series of case studies, you’ll grow to understand the reason why having too many options can take its toll on our brains. The more challenging the decision, the more important it seems to us. The more we spend on it, the less likely we are to be satisfied with it. 

We’ll not only show you how to counter this effect, but we’ll also provide you with a detailed list of steps to follow to help your customer easily make their purchase with the utmost satisfaction. 

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