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Uncertainty: The Most Powerful Yet Overlooked Principle in Marketing

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This E-book is packed with business examples from Uber, ZARA, and Netflix. Nip uncertainty in the bud before it even gets the chance to dabble in your customers’ decisions.

What you will learn

How does (mis)understanding the uncertainties of others damage our lives and our businesses? Do you know how to map out and speak to other peoples‘ uncertainties? 

If you want to see behavioral economics and consumer psychology applied to real-life problems, then look no further. This is a sweet spot between “too complex” and “too brief.” It’s digestible, hands-on, fun-to-read applied knowledge right at your fingertips.

The e-book features case studies, fun facts, and useful, practical tips that will help walk you through the fundamentals of how we make decisions when we’re uncertain and how (un)certain decisions can be prompted or avoided altogether.

It also serves as a plan-of-action guide, allowing you to incorporate this knowledge into your business while learning how to speak your customers’ lingo.

Uncertainty Ebook

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