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Fairness: How to Increase The Perceived Value of Your Products

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Fairness matters. No one wants to feel like they’re being taken advantage of. Learn how to use fairness in a way that benefits both your business and customers.

What you will learn

Why does the same price feel like a bargain sometimes and then a rip-off at other times? How do we decide whether the sticker price is fair? Can our perception of price be changed without changing the price itself? 

Yes! This e-book will teach you how to do just that. A little hint: there are two main factors that can sway how we perceive prices; we use time and effort as proxies for value.

Apple and Domino’s are the leading examples of how to work with fairness. And after reading this guide, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to follow in their footsteps! You’ll be shown the proper way to describe your product so that customers will appreciate and value it more. 

You’ll learn about the double killer: unfairness wrapped in uncertainty, and how to avoid it and its consequences. You’ll also gain valuable insight on what not to do through a plethora of examples where fairness was not properly implemented beforehand. 

Fairness Ebook

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