6 Key Behavioral Principles to Begin With

Don’t know where to start when applying Behavioral Economics? Here are 6 principles to kick-start any project.

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So, you’re a Behavioural Science groupie? It’s the best thing since Bluetooth headphones and you love everything about it. The science behind it. The myriad examples and case studies. There’s just one problem: How on this lovely earth of ours do you APPLY it to your own projects? Where do you even START? 

Breathe in. Breathe out. 

What you will learn

You’ve come to the right place. In just 6 short sessions, you’ll be introduced to some of the most powerful BE principles, and also see how they’ve been applied successfully in the real world. (As opposed to tested on some random students at some random university.)

Content in detail

  • 01Context is Your Superweapon

    Context matters. Get it right and you can dramatically improve your marketing, sales, and even customer experience.

  • 02Uncertainty, a Top Sales Killer

    Uncertainty results in questions. And questions prevent customers from buying. Remove the uncertainty and you turn their frown, upside down.

  • 03Reciprocity Applied in Innovative Ways

    When we are given something, we feel like we should return the favor. This is true for anything from a smile to a LinkedIn recommendation. Learn how to achieve reciprocity in an original way.

  • 04Perceived Effort and How to Reduce It

    If something looks hard to do, people won’t do it. Find out how to make information easy to read and steps easy to follow – all the way to the purchase button.

  • 05Endowment effect and How to Evoke it

    How can you make customers imagine what it would be like to own your product? Get it right and they’ll see even greater value, never wanting to let it go.

  • 06Perceived Value and How to Increase It

    People are sensitive to fairness. Learn how to use time, effort and language to help increase value in the eyes of your customers. So they feel they are paying a fair price.

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    “Bursting with actionable content and case studies, InsideBE is the quintessential source for practical BE insights. For anyone looking to apply BE in their organization, it’s like having a team of experts at your fingertips, with real-world knowledge you can use straight away.”

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