Case Study: A Cosmetics Giant Modified its Messaging, Increasing the Intention to Buy by 128%

In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • How to go beyond what customers are able to convey;
  • How to write a message that is easier to comprehend and is more trustworthy;
  • Why allowing customers to tailor products to their needs backfired; and
  • What scientific methods to use to answer the question: are the new taglines any better than those we currently use?

Picture Jessica, a young millennial living in the Vancouver area. Jessica loves videos of baby alpacas and hates skincare products that contain toxic chemicals. She has also been a happy customer of a high-end cosmetics brand with over 60 years under its belt; she likes their makeup line but when it comes to their skincare line, it’s a whole different ball game.

She has already tried one product of the brand’s flagship, 3-step skincare regimen  – the ”bestseller” moisturizer – but the results were rather underwhelming. And it’s no wonder since the system consisted of 3 products: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, which were all designed to be used in tandem to achieve optimal results. But things really took a turn for the worse when Jessica applied the second step of the 3-step skincare regimen –  toner. It felt like rubbing alcohol on her face! 

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