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Dr Simon Moore is a Chartered Psychologist and CEO and Partner of the award-winning psychological and behavioural strategy agency Innovationbubble.

Dr Moore and his team at Innovationbubble do not just say they use behavioural science – they are psychologists and behavioural scientists with over 100 years of collective experience in customer and employee understanding.

Dr Moore and his team help brands and organisations help compliment their data of customer and employee ‘what’ with their expertise about the ‘why’. By doing this they move away from assumptions, include customer and employee emotions and develop communications that are relevant, engage and inspire their clients’ target audience.

As an author of psychology books and journals, Dr Moore regularly speaks as a consumer specialist at a variety of international conferences and radio day events. Dr Moore undertakes training workshops in psychological insight, change, and communication.

Dr Moore has also advised numerous communication agencies in relation to PR/Marketing and Advertising campaigns.

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Introduction of an expert
  • Simon Moore
  • CEO, Innovationbubble
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