How to Increase Sales by Making Simple Changes to a Product Description?

Simple changes in product's description to increase sales

You probably think that the value of a product can be measured objectively. But science says otherwise. Even when you come up with the best product out there, yet fail to describe it correctly, customers won't perceive it as being that valuable.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s important to describe your product using vivid language;
  • How the same product can be perceived as more or less valuable;
  • How increasing sales can be a matter of adding just a few more words
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Imagine taking your partner to a romantic dinner at that new Italian restaurant in town to celebrate your recent promotion. You put on your Sunday best, which you’ve been saving for special occasions like these. Once you arrive, the waiter walks you to your table and hands you the menu.

Two dishes immediately catch your attention. The first one is the “Seafood Fillet.” You’ve been craving seafood for a while now so it seems like a pretty good option. The second dish is the “Home-Style Chicken Parmesan.” Yes, that sounds better. The adjective “home-style” itself makes you think about the chicken your grandma used to make, and it’s enough to sway you into thinking that it’s probably the better choice.

A week later, you end up going to the same restaurant for your anniversary. The chicken was great last time so why not stick to “old faithful”? But when you open the menu, you notice that the dish labels have slightly changed. Now you see just  “Chicken Parmesan” followed by “Succulent Italian Seafood Fillet.” Is it just me, or does the seafood dish sound a whole lot more appealing than last time?

Vivid language can increase the perceived value of a product

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