Case Study: How the Sports App Strava Creates an Ecosystem of Motivation to Keep Users Engaged

How Strava Creates an Ecosystem of Motivation to Keep Customers Engaged

In this case study, you'll discover: 

  • How to build intrinsic and extrinsic motivation points into a product;
  • The role of feedback in motivation;
  • The happiness principle's impact on motivation; and
  • How to incorporate these concepts into the workplace and product design.

It's a foggy Saturday morning in Hong Kong as Ivan, King of the Mountain, steps out to defend his segment along the rugged cliffs of Dragon's Back trail. Last week, a fellow cyclist topped Ivan's Strava score, nudging the competitive athlete off the leaderboard's most coveted spot. 

On the other side of the Pacific, a similar fog settles into San Francisco as Ality slips on her shiny new pair of Nikes to join a Strava Club of fellow novice runners. She's not in it to win it, she's there for the good vibes. 

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