Introduction of an expert


Having previously spent a decade as a business reporter and political journalist following politicians, decision-makers, and executives in Luxembourg and around the world, she has been a privileged eyewitness of their successes but also failures despite making their best to face the major crisis.

One of the most important lessons from the crisis is that we tried to apply rational economic models to the non-rational human decision-making process.

Based on her experience and from her education at the LSE, under the supervision of Paul Dolan who is one of the most influential advisors of 10 Downing Street, she has decided to dedicate her time sharing this knowledge to public and private organizations to improve their decision-making process.

If you think about innovation, think about Behavioural Science and Economics.

Language: English, French, German



Introduction of an expert
  • Delphine Dard-Pourrat
  • Founder, Kensho Advisory
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