Case Study: Adobe Help Center Increased Retention by 8.8% With a Single Question Rooted in Psychology

How to increase call center retention by offering less, not more incentives? Focus on smart nudges.

In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • How a subtle shift in the conversation had significant impacts on retention;
  • What question you should NOT ask and what to ask instead;
  • Why it’s important to involve agents in creating their own talking points;
  • How the environment can impact whether people stick to change.

If retention efforts were a smiley face, they’d be this one: 😬. They often look like throwing a bunch of things at customers, hoping that something sticks. Disgruntled, we often find that once the benefit has expired, the customer leaves anyway.

The problem is that the benefits to retain are short-sighted or insufficient (like band-aids when a casket is needed), cost money, and only push away the problem instead of fixing it.

Is there a better way? Could a simple tweak in a call script make a customer calling up to review or cancel their subscription change their mind?

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