Case Study: Tinder’s Online Sales Funnel and 3 Things Insurance Companies Can Learn from It

3 things the dating app nails from a psychological perspective that insurance companies can adopt.

In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • How Tinder makes the registration process look seamless and what insurance companies can learn from this; 
  • How to remove all the clients’ uncertainties even before they actually occur; and
  • How to present offers so that it’s a breeze for customers to choose (and not just choose the cheapest option).

If your first thought after reading the title was “What? What on earth do these two things have in common?”, then you’re definitely not the only one. But the thing that both- Tinder and insurance companies share is an online conversion funnel. And, as is often the case, one of them does it better. And since chances are you work at an insurance company and aren’t trying to beat Tinder on the dating app market, you probably know which one it is. Yes, Tinder does it better.

Let’s be honest, Tinder has the high ground here. Swiping through photos of good-looking, interesting people... your hormones spiking every time you swipe right as you eagerly await a response before eventually meeting someone- all this sounds way nicer than paying for car insurance.

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