Case Study: How Netflix Makes You Choose with Ease and Increases Your Screen Time

Netflix nudges us to decide easier and faster

In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • Why time is the No.1 Enemy when it comes to satisfaction;
  • What tricks Netflix uses to make choosing easy and remorse-free; and
  • How to categorize your selection to tap into different psychological drives that make choosing easier.

Plenty of options, but hard choices

When there’s too much to choose from it can be debilitating. Unsure what to watch, you find yourself endlessly scrolling through the Netflix library to the point of getting stressed about all the time it’s taking. You wind up watching Ghostbusters for the 14th time and fall asleep midway through.

But it’s not just you - anyone would feel overwhelmed when they’re faced with 50 000+ titles to choose from! And that could threaten Netflix’s primary goal which is to increase “hours per subscriber per month”. 

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