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Matej studied Actuarial mathematics in Copenhagen, Denmark when a single book sparked his interest in Behavioral Economics and turned his professional life upside down. The book was Predictably Irrational

Four years later, in September 2015, he quit his corporate job and founded MINDWORX. Over the years Matej advised some of the largest banks, insurance companies, and telco operators in the region.

In 2019 Matej started another ambitious project – MINDWORX Academy. The most complex online masterclass on Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing with some of the biggest names from the field as co-speakers. 

In his sparse free time, you’ll probably find Matej hiking, biking, playing beach volleyball or thinking about new global behavioral projects.

Languages: English, French, Slovak, Czech



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Introduction of an expert
  • Matej Sucha
  • CEO, MINDWORX Behavioral Consulting
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