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Power of Free: The Surprising Psychology Behind the Most Attractive Word in Marketing

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This ebook will teach you to keep it honest with your customers. The approach you're about to discover improves the perceived value of your product or service.

What you will learn

It’s been 15 minutes, and you’re still waiting in line for this ice cream you’ve never heard of before and probably will never buy. The ice cream is pretty pricey for the amount that you’ll get, but you’re waiting anyway. Well, most of us would do the same, that’s a no-brainer, and it’s all because of one reason. It’s free

We don’t think about the downside of waiting in line, nor the cost, we just stop thinking rationally, when something free is involved.

We will show you that using the Power of Free can be beneficial, but also, how it can harm your business, so you’ll know what to avoid. 

You’ll learn its magic in the most interesting case studies from Amazon and Hershey, where they proved that a small amount of payment can have a huge impact on a purchase. However, the dark side of this principle is a very dangerous one, and it can create a barrier. We have a load of examples to illustrate to you how your free offer can look fishy to your customers. And that might turn on their internal “too good to be true” radar. 

This ebook will teach you to keep it honest with your customers. Always explain to them why your offer is free, and what’s more, it will improve perceived value.

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