Introduction of an expert
  • Nuala Walsh

  • Founder & CEO, MindEquity Consulting


Nuala is Founder & CEO of MindEquity Consulting, as well as a Founding Director of the world’s first Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists.

With over 30 years’ experience in FTSE-50 and Fortune 500 financial services firms, she was an award-winning former Chief Marketing Officer at Standard Life Aberdeen, with previous roles held at Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, and PA Consulting. Today, she sits on multiple Advisory Boards including UN Women where she is also Chair of the Risk & Governance Committee; Non-Executive Director at investment research firm, TS Lombard; Vice Chair at The Football Association’s Inclusion Advisory Board; an Ethics Committee member at the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments; and Gender Taskforce Advisor at World Athletics. 

Listed among the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Finance, she holds degrees in multiple disciplines including a Masters in Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics, a Masters in Business Studies; and a BA in Philosophy.

Nuala is a seasoned lecturer and keynote speaker, with published behavioural science research on whistleblowing in the Harvard Business Review, and views shared in the Economist, the Telegraph, and other leading publications.

Languages: English



Introduction of an expert
  • Nuala Walsh
  • Founder & CEO, MindEquity Consulting

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