Lea is a Consulting Director within the fast-growing behavioural consultancy, behave. She holds an MSc degree in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London and has professional experience working as a Strategist at BBDO Dubai and Publicis across clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Visa, and PepsiCo prior to her move to behavioural planning agency Total Media in 2019 to work within the Behave consultancy and develop the behavioural tech and offering.

Lea has a passion for behavioural science and out-of-the-box thinking and strives on purpose, innovation, and exciting challenges. In addition to the several client projects she develops on a daily basis, Lea widely contributed in TikTok’s acquisition as a behave client and continuously guides TikTok’s marketing and product strategy across the EU, with her connections to TikTok leading back to the consultancy’s inception in 2019 and TikTok’s EU beginning.

Working closely with a range of other key brands such as the FT, Investec, and BritBox, and with a strong background in consumer behaviour and insights, Lea runs and analyses a range of complex behavioural research techniques to then turn them into simple, actionable insights that drive her clients’ commercial growth.

Languages: French, English, Arabic



  • Lea Karam
  • Consulting Director, Behave
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