Introduction of an expert


Kristina is a Social and Work Psychology major. She has always been quite keen on changing people’s minds – first, as an IT recruiter, then more obliquely, as a choice architect for a major Swedish home furnishing company. 

Kristina is fascinated by how a change of context can shape the decisions we make. Having been in the corporate trenches, she understands what a pain it is to write job ads that convert or how hard it is to sell a product
Some of her team members might call her a contrarian at times, but Kristina would tell you it’s all about making sure every angle gets covered. And then, they agree. Usually.

When Kristina isn’t attempting some pesky yoga poses or getting lost in the bushes of Bali, she can probably be found in her bed working on her book.

Language: English, Slovak, Czech



Introduction of an expert
  • Kristina Radova
  • Senior Behavioral Architect, MINDWORX
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