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Master of Science in Behavioral Economics (Live Classes)

By completing this online Master, you will learn the fundamentals, successful experiences, and specific tools to become a true behavioral economics officer (CBO), a role increasingly demanded by the companies of the present and future.

BE fundamentals online course

6 Key Behavioral Principles to Begin With

Don’t know where to start when applying Behavioral Economics? Here are 6 principles to kick-start any project.

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customer retention course thumbnail

Improve Customer Retention with Behavioral Science

In this special online course full of readings, you will assess real-life case studies and learn tricks of the trade from world-class experts.

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4 Principles of Choice Architecture in Marketing

Choice architecture influences what option customers choose, or if they choose any option at all. Sam will teach you 4 principles to nudge customers to buy.

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Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing (with certificate)

This certified Masterclass reveals how to use insights from 4 decades of research in consumer psychology and behavioral economics to increase conversions.

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