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Defaults: Why Customers Tend to Stick With Predefined Options

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Learn to design an environment to evoke a certain action in your customers and when it's better to let customers make an active choice to achieve your goal.

What you will learn

You walk into a restaurant. Now, pay attention to the environment… You can detect that the restaurant is subconsciously pushing you to order wine, even though you’re not a wine person. You’re probably asking yourself how they’re doing it, right?

When you’re given a table, there are no cocktail glasses set at the table, but only wine ones. When the waitress hands you a menu, she gives you a wine card – no asking. The choice architecture defaults you to choosing wine without having to elaborate on it. Why is that? It’s pretty simple – the wine bottle costs more than a cocktail. 

And this, dear friends, is called default.

This e-book is a go-to if you want to learn how to construct an environment to evoke a certain action in your customers. On the other hand, we will tell you, in which scenarios it’s way better to let your customers make an active choice, and how to make it as easy as possible for them. 

You will find out more about the process of active choice and how it increases self-efficacy, confidence, and higher levels of perceived responsibility and satisfaction

Mental availability is another great topic of this ebook. We will describe this useful tool and two strategies to nail it!

And of course, this ebook, like all our others, comes with a bunch of case studies!

Defaults Ebook

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