Introduction of a company


Luducrafts is a Slovak gamification studio that improves processes, products, and services using principles of game design and behavioral sciences.

As games have the ability to affect and work with our intrinsic motivation, our know-how is in our ability to identify and use methods usually used by games and to apply these principles into solving challenges in the real world. Since 2014, we helped our clients with solving their problems with onboarding, product design, recruitment, or development of their company culture.

We are on a quest to make the engaged learners, employees, and consumers a new standard. Our work helped to create more playful, meaningful, and more human experience all across the globe.

Our team consists of seasoned game designers, learning experts, and UX designers that can identify and understand the business POV, yet still provide out-of-the-box thinking, provided by their commitment to principles of human-centered design and design thinking.



Introduction of a company
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