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Innovationbubble is a psychological insights and behavioural solutions consultancy.

Innovationbubble works with businesses around the globe to adapt, grow and be relevant to their audiences, in the customer and employee space. Innovationbubble’s team of psychologists and behavioural scientists understand how to access and measure the subconscious factors that drive people’s decision-making (which make for 90% of people’s decisions!). 

This expertise allows them to deliver insights that enable organisations to create deeper and more meaningful interactions with their customers and employees.

By doing this, Innovationbubble have helped clients increase their sales conversions up to 50%, reduce churn by up to 30%, and improve retention by 35%.

Agile in structure, Innovationbubble scales to meet the needs of their clients. This flexibility combined with their ‘can-do’ attitude ensure they deliver success that will always outlast their clients’ investment. Innovationbubble has won awards improving onboarding, retention, and reducing churn.

Language: English, French, German, Portuguese



Introduction of a company
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