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Co-founder of Dectech, the UK’s original nudge unit. Offended by the tawdry nonsense that often passes for data analysis and commercial insight. Passionate proponent of doing more randomised controlled trials in business. Leader of Dectech’s angel investing programme.

Founded in 2002, Dectech strives to provide the most accurate and best value forecasts available on how people will behave in new situations. They have conducted more than 400 studies involving over three million participants.

Henry is the managing director of Dectech and a non-executive director of Solomonic, Wearisma, and Marquee TV. As well as two decades of experience pioneering the applications of behavioural science in business, he has a PhD in​ decision-making. He has acted as trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations.

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Introduction of an expert
  • Henry Stott
  • Co-founder, CEO, Dectech
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