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  • Fabrice Pöhlmann

  • Founder, Behavioural Designer, HelloDesign
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Fabrice Pöhlmann is a behavioral designer, UX expert, and coach/lecturer for design thinking.

In his role as CEO of HelloDesign, he and his team support companies in designing exceptional brand experiences and habit-forming digital products.

Fabrice’s career as a designer began with the study of communication design. Already here he realized that visual design is more than the pure aesthetic arrangement of shapes and colors.

Design influences decisions, brands make opinions and a well-designed user experience decides whether products are easy or difficult to use. In the further course of his career, he has always worked as a freelance UX designer in large German agencies (Mutabor, Scholz & Volkmer) in addition to his master’s degree in media and design management.

He started his career as a behavioral designer after an inspiring meet-up at the behavioral design academy in Amsterdam. “That was the first time I really really understood what design actually does and how to understand it in the context of behavior change.

After training as a Behavioural Designer, Fabrice went deeper and deeper into the subject and books like Hooked, Thinking Fast and Slow, Nudge, Start at the end uncovered more and more chapters of behavioral science.

Today, Fabrice uses most of this knowledge to design digital products. Most recently in the creation of a gaming platform for youth to improve their health literacy. If you want to know more about his work, just contact him. 

Besides his work as CEO & Behavioural Designer, he is busy as a content creator and lecturer to pass on his knowledge to young designers.

Languages: English, German


Introduction od an expert
  • Fabrice Pöhlmann
  • Founder, Behavioural Designer, HelloDesign
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