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Want to see behavioral economics and consumer psychology applied to real-life problems? Then look no further.

This 30-page e-book (value €79) is packed with business examples, case studies, fun facts, and useful, practical tips from companies like Uber, ZARA, Netflix… These businesses make sure all their customers’ questions are answered. Their objective? To nip uncertainty in the bud before it even gets the chance to meddle in their decisions.

It also serves as an action guide, allowing you to incorporate this knowledge into your business while learning how to speak your customers’ lingo.

This e-book is for everybody who strive to learn:

  • How to understand and map out the concerns of your customers and address them head-on
  • How successful businesses deal with uncertainties to win new clients
  • Inspirational examples from well-known companies so you can apply proven strategies
  • How misunderstanding the uncertainties of others can damage our lives and our businesses

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    Lea Karam

    Strategy Consultant

    Behavioural Science at behave

    “InsideBE.com provides what I was always seeking in the industry, and it does that brilliantly. Case studies, articles, webinars courses and how-to guides to cultivate your passion and learn tangible results. ”

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    Andrea Olson


    Applied Behavioral Scientist, Pragmadik

    “Bursting with actionable content and case studies, InsideBE is the quintessential source for practical BE insights. For anyone looking to apply BE in their organization, it’s like having a team of experts at your fingertips, with real-world knowledge you can use straight away.”

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    Patrick Fagan

    Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

    Capuchin Behavioural Science

    “Not only does InsideBe provide fantastic evidence of the power of behavioural science, but it also gives you insights and recommendations that you can carry forward into your work. Highly recommended! ”