Let your boss pay for your InsideBE membership

InsideBE is a work tool. Follow these 3 steps to get it from your employer.

You know behavioral economics works. You know it will improve your copy, conversions, campaigns, and marketing strategy. InsideBE is the tool that will help you do it. That’s why your boss will happily pay for it.

3 steps to convincing your boss.

Broach the Subject

You’ll need to plead your case with some hard-hitting arguments

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Provide details

Give your boss the details to make a decision

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Get a membership

Don’t worry, it’s easy and we can help

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  • 01Broach the subject

    Remember, your company has a budget for learning & development. InsideBE should be paid for from that budget.

    Expect your boss to be apprehensive at first. To change that, you’ll need to plead your case with some hard-hitting arguments. Here are a few examples:

    • You won’t get better results by repeating the same tactics. InsideBE gives you new ideas, inspirations and tactics.
    • Behavioral economics is an emerging trend used by the best out there like Google, Uber and Netflix.
    • You’ll have access to unique insights, case studies and courses from 35+ of the world’s top behavioral experts.
    • All you’ll learn is no BS. It’s all science-based and tested in practice.

    What are the Specific Benefits?
    • Marketers: Increase conversion rates of landing pages and sales funnels.
    • Consultants: Get an advantage over the competition in applicable insights.
    • Strategists: Improve at designing B2B/B2C marketing and sales strategies.
    • Copywriters: Write compelling copy for web, email, ads, etc.
  • 02Provide details

    Here are some details your boss will want to know.

    InsideBE starts at only 15 Eur / month. Here are all the plans.

    Payment method:
    You can pay with your company credit card or let us know here and we’ll issue an invoice (including VAT if needed).

    Corporate offers:
    If you’re interested in 10+ licenses we’re happy to make you a special offer. Just let us know here.

    How to cancel:
    You can cancel your membership at any time in your online account.

    InsideBE is unique:
    Most content on InsideBE can’t be found anywhere else. We work with 35+ top world experts who provide insights and case studies exclusively for us. InsideBE is the only place on the internet dedicated to BE in marketing.

  • 03Get a membership

    You’re nearly there! What’s next? Well, only the tiny triviality of payment, of course!

    Just pick one of the options we mentioned earlier:

    • Pay by a credit card (here)
    • Ask us for an invoice (here)

    It can happen that your company needs some more paperwork. Don’t worry, we can help. Let us know what you need or connect us to the responsible person in your company and we’ll take care of it.

    Good luck and welcome to InsideBE!

Become a member

And with that, it’s done!
Welcome to the InsideBE community!

What they say about InsideBE?

Introduction of an expert to the audience

Lea Karam

Strategy Consultant

Behavioural Science at behave

“InsideBE.com provides what I was always seeking in the industry, and it does that brilliantly. Case studies, articles, webinars courses and how-to guides to cultivate your passion and learn tangible results. ”

Introduction of an expert

Andrea Olson


Applied Behavioral Scientist, Pragmadik

“Bursting with actionable content and case studies, InsideBE is the quintessential source for practical BE insights. For anyone looking to apply BE in their organization, it’s like having a team of experts at your fingertips, with real-world knowledge you can use straight away.”

Introduction of an expert

Patrick Fagan

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

Capuchin Behavioural Science

“Not only does InsideBe provide fantastic evidence of the power of behavioural science, but it also gives you insights and recommendations that you can carry forward into your work. Highly recommended! ”