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  • with Sam Tatam, Matej Sucha, Matthew Willcox, Jez Groom

Increase Online Sales with Consumer Psychology

Get inspired and learn to increase online sales and meet your business KPIs by using the latest findings from the science of customer behavior and psychology.

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What you will learn

  • How tiny changes rooted in consumer psychology have caused astonishing increases in sales and conversions.
  • How to avoid the fundamental mistakes companies typically make that cause lost sales/customer/business opportunities.
  • How to adjust your funnels to increase conversions, addressing uncertainties that your customers face.
  • How to give people the right reasons to buy your product/service.
  • How to redesign your offer and communication so it sells.

Content in detail

The course consists of 6 case studies and 4 how-to guides arranged in 3 parts:

  • 01Online sales fundamentals
    • Context is Your Superweapon
    • How to Work with Customers’ Barriers
    • The Power of Uncertainty
  • 02Online funnel & product selection
    • Case Study: Mastering the Registration Process
    • Irresistible Product Description
    • Case Study: How to Get People to Click “Add to Cart”
    • Case Study: How to Redesign Your Offer
  • 03Direct communication
    • Case Study: How to Give Reasons to Buy
    • Case Study: How to Change the Direct Communication of a Product so that it Sells
    • Case Study: How to Increase Sales with the Right Wording

Includes case studies and insights from

Sam Tatam profile picture

Sam Tatam

Consulting Partner

Ogilvy UK

Award-winning strategist, psychologist, and advertising practitioner who develops interventions and shapes communication for some of the world's most influential brands and organizations.

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Introduction of an expert

Matej Sucha

Managing Partner

MINDWORX Consulting

Recognized speaker and expert in applying behavioral economics and consumer psychology in business with notable experience in working with both large corporates and SMBs.

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Introduction of an expert

Jez Groom

Founder, CEO

Cowry Consulting

With over 10 years of experience of practically applying behavioural science in business, Jez has established himself as one of the world’s leading practitioners in the field.

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Introduction of an expert

Matthew Willcox

Founding Partner

The Business of Choice

As a strategic planner in global advertising agencies, Matthew spent the first half of his career working in Europe, Asia, and North America trying to change what people thought about his clients’ brands.

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