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  • with Rory Sutherland, Sam Tatam, Matej Sucha and a Special Guest

Behavioral Economics in Business: 11 Case Studies

4 top-field experts will walk you through the use of behavioral insights to solve business challenges in product design, email campaigns, website optimization, and behavioral change.

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What you will learn

You’ll learn how to use behavioral insights to solve real-life challenges; from selling more french fries and getting more customers to sign up for insurance packages to preventing looting and increasing charitable donations.

As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • start looking at tasks you’re receiving from a different perspective
  • reconsider what you think is driving your customers’ decisions
  • design solutions that are reinforced with the latest research in behavioral economics, and identify what’s hindering your current marketing efforts

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Content in detail

  • 011 – Direct Mail Campaign by Rory Sutherland

    In this mind-blowing case study, Rory will talk about a simple direct mail campaign that yielded unexpected results. A huge proponent of testing, Rory and his team designed several versions of their direct mail, and the results showed something interesting. This is a beautiful illustration of the power of behavioral insights.

  • 022 – Babies of the Borough by Sam Tatam

    Sam will show how behavioral insights can be used for a good cause. Astonishing insights used in an intense context of London riots.

  • 033 – Call Center Scripts by Sam Tatam

    We’ve all received those annoying calls trying to sell us something. And we’ve all made those angry phone calls complaining about the shoddy service we received at our bank, insurance company, or telco provider. Could a simple tweak in a call script make an angry customer who’s ready to cancel their service change their mind?

  • 044 – Selling French Fries by Sam Tatam

    Do you have any idea how many french fries are sold by KFC every day? Imagine they found a way to increase this number just by a tiny fraction. It would account for … well, a lot of additional profits. Sam and his team were hired to do exactly that.

  • 055 – Better Hand Hygiene by Sam Tatam

    Another great example of how knowledge about what motivates us and what shapes our behavior can be used for the greater good. This time, Sam and his team tackled hand hygiene.

  • 066 – Designing Job Ads by Matej Sucha

    If you’ve ever desperately tried to hire people, but your job ads just weren’t performing well for whatever reason, then you’re not alone. One of MINDWORX’s clients needed help with just that; redesigning their job ads to attract more relevant candidates. This is how they tackled it.

  • 077 – Sales Funnel Conversions by Matej Sucha

    On his trip to Pico Ruivo on the beautiful island of Madeira, Matej received a phone call from a desperate marketing manager. He needed help with a campaign that had already consumed a large portion of their budget but brought only poor results. Ads, landing pages, and sales funnels were all redesigned. And the result? Let’s just say, the marketing manager got his smile back.

  • 088 – Landing Page by Matej Sucha

    The never ending debate about what makes for a good landing page… Often, details can make a big difference. This case study will explore why and how.

  • 099 – Creating Healthy Habits by Matej Sucha

    It turns out that people living with diabetes have the power to control their health condition to a great extent: by watching what they eat and staying active. A simple piece of advice, then, would be to “eat healthy and be active,” but we all know that changing one’s behavior is far from easy.

    That’s why, in this project for a health insurance company, we designed an elaborate behavioral change strategy with new habit creation at its core.

  • 1010 – Designing an Insurance Product

    Our surprise guest explains what behavioral insights they employ to make this new concept work and prosper. This is a great example of how behavioral insights can be used in product design.

  • 1111 – Designing a Bathroom Scale

    Another great example of behavioral insights used in product design. This time our surprise guest and his team looked into designing a bathroom scale. A bathroom scale with its main purpose to nudge people towards losing weight.

    Forget about daily weight changes shown on traditional displays. This bathroom scale was designed with human psychology at its core.

Course instructors

In this Masterclass you get access to four of the world’s leading experts in behavioral economics today

Profile picture Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman

Ogilvy Group UK

One of the most influential figures in modern marketing and pioneer in the use behavioral economics and psychology in marketing with extensive experience in working with the world's biggest brands

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Sam Tatam profile picture

Sam Tatam

Consulting Partner

Ogilvy UK

Award-winning strategist, psychologist, and advertising practitioner who develops interventions and shapes communication for some of the world's most influential brands and organizations.

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Introduction of an expert

Matej Sucha

Managing Partner

MINDWORX Consulting

Recognized speaker and expert in applying behavioral economics and consumer psychology in business with notable experience in working with both large corporates and SMBs.

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Surprise Guest avatar

Surprise Guest

Prof. of Behavioral Economics

Duke University

One of the most famous behavioral economists in the world, renowned speaker and best-selling author.


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