Behavioral Economics in Online Sales in one package

Have you ever wondered how to use BE in online sales? This content package with hand-picked case studies, how-to guides, and ebooks will give you all the answers.

What’s in the package?

The package contains 4 case studies, 3 how-to guides, and 2 ebooks.
Here’s more about it:

  • 014 business case studies
    • How an Insurer Increased Email Conversions by 300% Using 3 Behavioral Principles
    • How Zara Uses Consumer Psychology in the Design of Their Online Sales Funnel
    • How Lemonade Built a Powerful Online Sales Process with Psychology at Its Core
    • Netflix’s Ingenious Registration Process Based on Removing Customers’ Concerns
  • 023 in-depth how-to guides
    • Context – The Marketing Superweapon You Don’t Want to Overlook
    • Choice Architecture – Everything You Need to Know
    • Loss Aversion – Everything You Need to Know
  • 032 detailed 30-page ebooks
    • Uncertainty: The Most Powerful Yet Overlooked Principle in Marketing (30 pages)
    • Perceived Effort: How Easy Things Feel Matters More Than How Easy They Really Are (30 pages)

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BE in Online Sales

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4 business case studies
3 in-depth how-to guides
2 detailed 30-page ebooks


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